DanBridges_007Dan Bridges, owner of Aqua Pools and Spas, was the first contestant to sign up to raise money to purchase life-saving equipment enabling Talbot Paramedics with state of the art equipment. He will be one of five contestants in the first Talbot Character Bowl, a party being held September 18th, celebrating Talbot Paramedic’s 25th Anniversary. Each contestant will raise money to become “Talbot Character of the Year.”  Totals will be announced at the event and the one with the most money will win.

“I did this because the equipment could prevent a family from the catastrophe of losing a loved one. I’ve had so much admiration for Wayne Dyott, Gary Jones and the others who founded the paramedics as volunteers 25 years ago,” he said. “It’s a way of just paying back the community.”

Bridges purchased Aqua Pools and Spas in 1998. Building between 30 to 50 pools annually throughout the entire Delmarva Peninsula. He has 31 trucks on the road servicing pools with 52 employees. His company has earned scores of national, state and international awards for design.

Bridges, who is well known for having coached hundreds of youth in Talbot County Little League and Soccer, lives in Talbot County with his wife Kristi. He has two sons; Zak, who works at the store, and Nick.