JohnMurrayimageJohn H. Murray, President and Chief Operating Officer of Miles and Stockbridge, a full service law firm headquartered in Baltimore, with seven other offices in Northern Virginia and Maryland, including Easton, has volunteered to raise money to purchase life-saving equipment enabling Talbot Paramedics with state of the art equipment.

He will be one of five contestants in the first Talbot Character Bowl, a party being held September 18th, celebrating Talbot paramedic’s 25th anniversary. Each contestant will raise money to become “Talbot Character of the Year.”  Totals will be announced at the event and the one with the most money will win.

The other contestants include Chris Brian, Dan Bridges, Cornelia Heckenbach and Miranda McKay. They will be appealing to their friends and acquaintances starting this week by mail to contribute to purchase high tech cardiac monitor/defibrillators for Talbot’s paramedic units.

John Murray has been actively involved in community service in Talbot County, serving as Chairman of the Talbot County Children’s Council; President of the Talbot County Chamber of Commerce; Chairman of the Talbot County Economic Development Commission; Director, United Fund of Talbot County; Director and Secretary of Chesapeake Wildlife Heritage; Treasurer and Trustee, Pickering Creek Environmental Center; Vice Chairman, Chesapeake Country Economic Development Corporation and many others. He was Talbot County Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Businessman of the Year in 1995 and is a current Member of the Maryland State Bar Association Judicial Appointments Committee.

John Murray answered the call to help the project to save lives. “Minimizing the time between heart attack and appropriate treatment is critical. A recent study showed that mortality is 40 percentage higher if appropriate treatment/intervention is provided more than 90 minutes after a heart attack,” said Murray, “A new state of the art cardiac monitor/defibrillator, called the Life Pak 15, will allow Talbot County paramedics in the field to transmit data to hospital specialists to determine the most timely and appropriate course of treatment. Saving time can mean the difference between life and death.”

“Our community has a long history of pulling together to address important needs,” he said, “These Life Pak 15’s will provide a very significant step in improving the odds of surviving and recovering from a heart attack.”