MirandaMiranda McKay, owner of Miranda’s Shoe store, was one of the first volunteers to sign up to raise money to purchase life-saving equipment enabling Talbot Paramedics with state of the art equipment.

She will be one of five contestants in the first Talbot Character Bowl, a party being held September 18th, celebrating Talbot Paramedic’s 25th Anniversary. Each contestant will raise money to become “Talbot Character of the Year.”  Totals will be announced at the event and the one with the most money will win.

Marinda came to Easton to help her sister run “Out of the Fire” Restaurant more than 10 years ago. A community volunteer her entire life, Marinda is always looking to find a way to help the community. When she saw the adults and children of Haiti walking on broken glass with no shoes she went into action gathering shoes for a national shoe non-profit “Soles for Souls.” Her organizing efforts brought in 2400 pairs of shoes. She singlehandedly packed all the shoes using empty boxes from all her fellow merchants in Talbottown personally financing the shipping with her shoe sales. One Easton couple insisted on sharing the cost.

Marinda decided to join the effort to help the paramedics because it was time for me to do something for this community, which I love. When her house burned down in 2007 Marinda got immediate help from the paramedics. “I used them again when my Mom was ill,” she said. “It’s time to pay back and I am very excited about it.”

She will join four other Talbot citizens who have stepped up to make this happen will vie for the title “Character of Talbot County” by raising funds to purchase the equipment including Chris Brian, Dan Bridges, Cornelia Heckenbach and John Murray. They will be appealing to their friends and acquaintances starting this week to contribute to purchase high tech cardiac monitor/defibrillators for Talbot’s paramedic units.