In foreground left, Council Vice President Corey Pack takes a closer look at the Life-Pak 15. From left, Pack, Wayne Dyott, Gary Jones, Sheila Wainwright, and Syliva Gannon. Not pictured: Kevin Knussman, EMS Director Clay Stamp and Division Chief Brian LeCates.

At their regular meeting┬áThe Talbot County Council approved $70,000 to match funds with Talbot Paramedic Foundation for the Purchase of 4 Life-Pak 15’s.

As the Paramedic Foundation continues to raise funds for the purchase of the life saving monitor/defribrillators it was suggested in our last meeting to ask the County Council to partner with us. A letter was sent to the Talbot Council from President Wayne Dyott and the reponse was favorable.

Talbot Paramedic Foundation and Talbot County Council have always had a great working relationship and the Foundation can always count on the County Council for their support.

We are very excited to proceed with the purchase of these units and progress on to completeing this large funding raising project.

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