From left, front row: Steve Mroczek, Oxford Volunteer Fire Department ambulance captain; Wayne Dyott, Talbot Paramedic Foundation director; Graham Norbury, Oxford Fire Company chief; and Bruce Beglin, Oxford Fire Company first lieutenant. Pictured in the second row are members of the board of directors of the Talbot Paramedic Foundation. PHOTO BY KAYLA RIVAS

EASTON — The Talbot Paramedic Foundation recently donated a matching grant of $7,619 to the Oxford Fire Company to assist in the purchase of a mechanical chest compression device.

“The LUCAS is an vital piece of equipment for cardiac arrest victims and delivers high-performance chest compressions, relieving emergency personnel to perform other essential tasks,” said Wayne Dyott, Talbot Paramedic Foundation director. “We are grateful for our emergency responders, both volunteer and career, and are glad to support them with this donation.”

The fire company previously had to wait about 10 minutes for Talbot County paramedics to arrive in Oxford, Steve Mroczek, Oxford Fire Company ambulance captain, said. With a patient in cardiac arrest, every minute counts.

“When CPR is done right and timely and with a patient who has luck on their side, it’s a marvel to behold,” Mroczek said.

Though manual and mechanical CPR may result in cracked ribs, the Oxford emergency responders reasoned that saving a life is a higher priority. Older folks are more susceptible to cracked ribs since younger people have more flexible sternums.

The Talbot Paramedic Foundation is a nonprofit organization that functions to support excellent emergency medical services in Talbot County. The foundation provides financial support and supports various EMS-related projects with the Talbot County Department of Emergency Services and the independent volunteer fire departments. The foundation also supports EMS providers through educational scholarships and by supporting EMS training.