July 7, 2021

The Talbot Paramedic Foundation has announced their annual 2021 fundraising campaign in support of adding ultrasound technology to Talbot’s paramedic units and expanding public access to automatic defibrillators.  It is the mission of the Talbot Paramedic Foundation to support efforts to provide excellence in all aspects of Emergency Medical Services for Talbot County.

The Talbot Paramedic Foundation’s goal is to provide each paramedic unit in Talbot County with ultrasound capability.  The ultrasound will be useful in finding veins for IV access, checking for heart activity during a cardiac arrest, looking for internal abdominal bleeding or injuries, and can help evaluate the condition of a patient’s lungs.

“Advances in healthcare often are due to changes in technology.  Technological advances in ultrasound have made it possible for trained paramedics to use this tool in the ambulances and homes of Talbot County,” stated Dr. Steven White, Medical Director for Dorchester County Emergency Services.

Talbot Paramedic Foundation has been a leader is supportingcommunity access for defibrillators and citizen CPR training.  The cooperative effort with the Talbot County Department of Emergency Services and the volunteer fire departments, along with local police departments, has resulted in several lives saved following a cardiac arrest within the community.  The Talbot County Council has supported this program and recognized its positive impact on so many in the community.

      “Currently, there are AEDs (Automatic External Defibrillators) located throughout Talbot County in parks, community centers, and businesses.  The Talbot Paramedic Foundation is expanding on the mission to increase access to AEDs 24/7,” stated Dr. Tom Chiccone, Medical Director for Talbot County Department of Emergency Services.

There are approximately 200 AEDs located throughout Talbot County.  The Talbot Paramedic Foundation is looking to move many of these AEDs into protective climate-controlled enclosures that are readily available to the public in convenient locations.  The plan is to have the boxes video and audio linked to the emergency dispatch center where instant notification will be made when the AED is accessed.

Look for the distinctive envelopes with the Talbot Paramedic Foundation logo containing the donation request coming in the mail.

According to Wayne Dyott, Director of the Talbot Paramedic Foundation, “The Talbot Paramedic Foundation has a long history of supporting advanced life support and emergency medical service in Talbot County.  Our mission as a foundation is saving lives through increased awareness, raising funds, and developing life-saving programs.  We also support the advanced academic training of EMS personnel through established scholarships.”

The Talbot Paramedic Foundation can be reached at PO Box 2237 Easton, MD 21601, or www.talbotparamedic.org.

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