Nov 1, 2019

EASTON — The Talbot Paramedics Foundation donated a matching grant of $7,619 to assist the Easton Volunteer Fire Department in the purchase of a Stryker power ambulance stretcher earlier this year.

“The Talbot Paramedic Foundation was able to provide a matching grant to the Easton Volunteer Fire Department for the purchase of a new stretcher for their volunteer operated ambulance,” said Wayne Dyott, Talbot County Paramedic Foundation president. “This power operated stretcher will provide extra safety for staff and patients when lifting or moving them during an emergency.”

“We are excited to be able to support their volunteer service to the community,” Dyott said.

Dyott also is a life member of the Easton Volunteer Fire Department.

“The Stryker power lift stretcher has become vital to safely lifting patients regardless of the situation. The stretcher can lift patients up to 700 pounds, preventing EMS providers from suffering serious back injuries,” Dyott said. “The Talbot Paramedic Foundation Board of Directors were unanimous in supporting the purchase of this product which will be placed on an ambulance operated by volunteers from the Easton VFD.”

The Talbot Paramedic Foundation is a nonprofit organization that functions to support excellent emergency medical services in Talbot County. The foundation provides financial support and supports various EMS-related projects with the Talbot County Department of Emergency Services and the independent volunteer fire departments. The foundation also supports EMS providers through educational scholarships and by supporting EMS training.

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