Mr. Mark Cummings was recently the recipient of a Years of Service Award from the Talbot County Fire and Rescue Association for his 51 years of dedicated service to Talbot County. Mr. Cummings was also the first Emergency Medical Services Director for Talbot County.

Mr. Wayne Dyott, current Talbot Paramedic Foundation President and former Talbot County Councilman, along with Captain Levin (Buddy) Harrison, also a former Talbot County Councilman, hired Mr. Cummings to serve as Talbot EMS Director. Mr. Cummings always had the full support of Mr. Dyott and Mr. Harrison, and this allowed him to make one of the most profound contributions to Talbot County–the public access AED program.

Under Mr. Cummings’ leadership, Talbot County has received numerous national awards for having the most public access AEDs. Mr. Dyott continues this legacy with the Talbot Paramedic Foundation’s installation of state-of-the-art SaveStations that house AEDs in various parks and ball fields throughout Talbot County. The Foundation also salutes Mr. Cummings for his years of dedicated service to Talbot County and for initiating the AED program that has saved lives.