Easton Mayor Bob Willey was on hand last Thursday to recognize further expansion of Talbot’s network of public access defibrillator stations at Idlewild Park. There will be two stations which are dedicated to the Rotary Club of Easton, Maryland, District 7630 due to their support of the program.

This brings the total number of stations to six and includes North Easton Park as well as Idlewild.

The program is a community-wide effort of many organizations in Talbot. Team Trace, Easton Utilities, Town of Easton, Gunther’s Electric, Inc., Talbot County Emergency Services (DES) are partners in providing public access defibrillator stations. Plans are in the works to further expand the program to other park locations in Talbot.

Talbot is a national leader in public access to defibrillation. In addition, there are approximately 150 defibrillators located in businesses, government buildings, and non-profits.

Photos courtesy of the Easton Star-Democrat.