Kevin Knussman was one of the original advanced life support providers in the pilot program sponsored by the Easton Volunteer Fire Department. He chaired the local task force within Talbot’s volunteer fire association which gave birth to the first dedicated county-wide advanced life support (ALS) program on the Eastern Shore. He eventually became president of the Talbot County Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association which was important is gaining support for the fledgling paramedic program.

The ALS program eventually became part of the Talbot County Department of Emergency Services, now operating five paramedic-staffed ambulances strategically placed throughout the county. Kevin’s vision and passion has been a county-wide EMS program operated by the county government for the people of Talbot County. The program’s original five ALS providers were recognized by the state EMS agency with a “Certificate of Outstanding Contribution for creation of a system of advanced pre-hospital medical care on the upper Eastern Shore where none had previously existed.”

Kevin remains a Nationally Registered Paramedic and is currently working for the Caroline County Department of Emergency Services. He retired in 1999 as a state trooper with the Maryland State Police. For most of his career he was assigned to the Aviation Division as a flight paramedic and was selected to open up the local MSP medevac helicopter “Trooper 6” in 1985. He has a BA degree in political science from Salisbury University and is a graduate of Chesapeake College. Kevin is a native of the Eastern Shore and lives in Easton with his wife and two daughters.